Ghost blogging hosted platform is here...sort of

Ghost announced the launch of their hosted blogging platform earlier this week. Think of it as, but with Ghost instead of Wordpress as the blogging engine.

I wrote about the platform when it launched and I'm using it right now. One thing that has stood out after a few weeks is that the platform is blazing fast. No, meteoric. A standard PHP-based system doesn't even compare in terms of speed -- Ghost loads almost instantaenously.

While it is fast and technically great, as I mentioned in the post, it is a pain to install. A hosted platform is key to adoption and that is just what the Ghost team has launched.

Ghost posted about the hosted system and included a short preview video.

The basic version will cost you $5/monthly and there is no free version. Kickstarter backers and early users have been given preview access and can click a new "My Blogs" link at to setup their hosted blog. New users will receive 30 days free as a trial.

The real question is if users will pay at all for a system when so many free options exist. However, Ghost is a great value when compared to hosting. You can install Ghost yourself for $5/monthly on Digital Ocean, but be prepared to dig into SSH to install and manage your blog.

A platform like Digital Ocean will be best if you want to manage a lot Ghost blogs and have full control, but up to 15 blogs only costs $14/monthly. Ghost offers tiered pricing based on the number of hosted blogs and views.

It looks like a great deal for an advanced system. My only worry is that the pricing also includes limits on views. Ghost has not clarified what happens if you go over the views limit on your plan. So, it discourages your posts from getting too popular.