Goodbye Jux

Today, I and many others received the goodbye email from Tumblr-like startup Jux. It is an email I've grown accustom to and part of why we ended up choosing Wordpress for our latest project, Orbit. Of course, the email from the likes of Posterous was on a joyous note, whereas Jux was nothing but sadness at failed dreams.

I do respect the Juxers for not even trying to hide their shortfalls in their blog post announcing the end of the service. This friendly image greeted visitors to their site.

Jux Closing

There it is -- " has not grown large or fast enough to attract further investment." This news certainly depresses me. Like others, I wondered where I would find room for Jux in my maze of Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress, Drupal and even Adobe Muse sites. What could it offer that I can't get with the others. The answer: beauty and simplicity. Using Jux was a graceful experience that made you want to post and share.

But for all it's focus on mobile and tablet, the system did not degrade in a clean enough format to carry all that Html5 gloriusness into a mobile experience. So, Jux we say "Adieu."

The good news is that there is a quiet revolution underway. Perhaps Jux was just too far out in front. Systems like Medium (no pressure to grow fast with Twitter founder's backing) and Marquee herald a return to in-depth storytelling.

The web has undergone its heyday as the tool for quick and dirty sharing. Now is the time to showcase digital's ability to immerse a reader in a story. Salut, Jux. The graveyard of innovation is littered with headstones to the risk-takers and makers, but good things will grow from the remains.