I fought (using) the law, and I won...

dutch climate win
Right around this time of year, we see a flurry of court decisions as one US Supreme Court Term comes to an end.

Many are the culmination of longterm campaigns, of which some end in wholesale victory – like the enshrinement of same-sex marriage federally– or defeat, like the striking down of limits set on the emissions of toxic pollutants from power plants.

But have you considered using the courts in your arsenal of tactics and campaign strategy? After years of government inaction on climate change, a group in Holland changed tact: they, and 900 citizens, sued the government over their failure to act. They won. In Australia, after a campaign failed to get political traction, GetUp crowd-funded a court case that saw 100,000 more Australians added to the electoral roll before an election decided by far fewer votes than that.

Often these cases sit within a broader strategy that seeks to pull all levers available – social, cultural, political and legal. If your campaign has been butting its head against a brick wall, would it be an option to find yourself in court?

Have you used the courts in your campaign strategy? Share your experience here.