Why did Obama remove 'under God' from recitation of Gettysburg Address?

  1. Because he read the original draft preserved by Lincoln's White House secretary.
  2. Because Ken Burns asked him to read that version as part of his new documentary project.

Those people who LOVE America, but don't want Americans to have health care or veterans to have any actual support (besides boarding airplanes first) are angry again. Shocking, I know. Here's how one Conservative blog explained it:

President Obama couldn’t pull himself away from his golf and basketball schedule long enough to attend the anniversary ceremony of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Instead, he recorded a video of himself at the White House reading the speech.

Notice anything missing? If you had to memorize the Gettysburg address like I did in high school, you may have noticed that President Obama left out the phrase “under God”

Obviously, Obama thought, "Damn, I have to do something for this loser who freed the slaves. I guess I will record a video. I have golf-sketball to play. Wait! He said 'under God' in this speech? Hell no. Strike that!"

Even more shocking, within hours all the Right-Wing rags picked up on the story about how Obama the atheist (wait, and secret Muslim?) left out "under God" from his version of Lincoln's iconic speech. The Daily Caller, The Blaze, The I'm Not Homophobic Masking My Own Sexual Confusion Herald, FOX News. One of my favorite responses on came on Twitter from Evangelical leader Bryan Fischer:

"Honors Islam"?

They all ran with the story. One problem, it wasn't true.

Obama read the earliest draft available. The initial draft was given to Lincoln's personal secretary, John George Nicolay and written on Executive Mansion stationary. The outline of the famous dedication was devised by Lincoln months before the Gettysburg ceremony and the draft he likely read from was started in Washington, D.C. and edited the night before the dedication in Pennsylvania. Historians still debate whether Lincoln actually included the phrase "under God" or not.

Historical debate aside, Obama didn't specifically choose the Nicolay version to read. He was asked to recite that version along with hundreds of others who are reading the speech on video for a new documentary by Ken Burns.

Obama read from a script provided by a filmmaker (and President Lincoln) and clearly "honored Islam." Damned, Socialist.